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    PPF to request financial assistance from CETIN; O2 Czech Republic to remain listed on the stock market. Voluntary buyout of both companies’ shares to begin in June.

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    PPF Group announces that, in the coming days, the company will make a request for financial assistance from Česká telekomunikační infrastruktura a.s. (CETIN), which will come into existence on 1 June 2015 as a result of its separation from O2 Czech Republic a.s. The request will be for credit of up to CZK 32.2 billion through PPF Arena 2 B.V. The purpose of the request is to repay the former acquisition loan provided by a syndicate of banks to PPF Arena 2 B.V. for the purchase of O2 Czech Republic a.s. shares from Telefonica Group in 2014. As a result, PPF Group now declares publicly that it no longer intends to ask O2 Czech Republic a.s. for financial assistance.

    PPF Group also announces that it will make a proposal to buy out CETIN shares at the time once CETIN starts the buyout of its own shares under the law or presents a public proposal of a share purchase agreement to the shareholders who voted against the split of O2 Czech Republic a.s. at the company’s General Meeting on 28 April 2015. This voluntary public proposal of an agreement for the purchase of CETIN shares will apply to all shareholders, including those who did not vote against the company’s split at the General Meeting.            

    PPF Group will also make the same offer, that is to say a voluntary proposal to purchase shares from all shareholders simultaneously, in respect of O2 Czech Republic a.s. shares. As a result, all shareholders of both companies emerging from the split will have an opportunity to sell their shares. The price at which PPF Group will buy both companies’ shares will be determined at the moment of the submission of both public share purchase proposals.

    In connection with the above, PPF Group hereby declares that regarding O2 Czech Republic a.s. shares, it will not pursue the withdrawal of such shares from the stock market and that it intends to support their public tradability in every manner possible.

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