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    Ivana Špiláková, Petr Janák and Jiří Hájek have joined PPF Group

    PPF Group is happy to introduce new members of our HR and communication teams.

    Ivana Špiláková

    As of July 1, 43-year-old Ivana Špiláková became HR manager of the Russian HC&FB.

    She previously worked in the forest management company Lesy Slovenské republiky, š.p., Team Training International and the construction savings bank Prvá stavebná sporiteľňa, a.s., Bratislava.

    What does she have to offer: “I will have a chance to use my experience with human resources management and the banking sector in a dynamic group like HC and I am really looking forward to that”.

    Petr Janák

    Petr Janák (who has turned 34 this year) has been appointed HR Director of the Home Credit Group. He previously worked in T-Mobile and most recently in RWE Energy Customer Services CZ, a.s. where he served as the Head of Operations. Mr. Janák is married.

    “My moving to HC offers a great opportunity for me to use my experience with work in international corporations and apply it in the very dynamic business environment of PPF, a group that, in my opinion, places great importance on results.”

    Jiří Hájek

    Mr. Hájek has been appointed our Marketing and Communication Director. Up until now, he has served as the Vice President for corporate communication in T-Mobile Czech Republic and he was Český Telecom’s Director for public relations between 1999 and 2001. Mr Hájek is 35 years old, married.

    About his new job, he says: “I want to increase awareness of PPF as an innovative, prestigious and respectable group.”

    Dita Fuchsová remains PPF’s spokeswoman responsible for media relations.

    Vadim Petrov

    Vadim Petrov is leaving PPF Group as of July 31, 2006, after a year of work for the company. He has been our Senior Communications Manager responsible for communication strategy, i.e. both external and internal communication, in relation to the Group’s transformation. In the area of external relations and strategic communication, his job also involved the Open Gate Boarding School project and he has taught media studies at the school. In his previous career, Mr. Petrov served as the spokesperson of several Václav Klaus cabinets and a Public Relations consultant, and has taught public relations at the Faculty of Economics and Public Administration of the Prague School of Economics.

    Evžen Hart, PPF Executive Director for HR and communication, says the following about our new team members: “We want to communicate and act in all parts of the world as every big and successful company acts and communicates. To achieve this, we need communication and HR professionals with experience from important, successful businesses.”

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