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    Home Credit: PPF Group’s statement

    'Home Credit Bank is one of the PPF Group's best performing investments and from its position of capital strength it is growing rapidly and is expected to post record profits for the current year - all of which confirms the success of its strategic move into retail banking.

    While it is not surprising that Russian and international banks may be interested in investing in Home Credit Bank, as a matter of policy PPF Group does not comment on such rumours. PPF Group and its shareholders are highly satisfied with the performance of the entire Home Credit Group and therefore plan to continue fully to support its development plans.

    PPF Group also underlines that Russia remains a priority market in its investment strategy. In addition to the Home Credit Group its investments include Nomos Bank, the Eldorado electronics and home appliances chain and Polymetal, and it is currently considering further opportunities that will extend its presence in the country.'

    Milan Tomanek, PPF Group Head of Communications

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