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    Eldorado shows impressive online sales growth

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    Eldorado is leading the development of Russia‘s online shopping segment
    • Sales volumes for Eldorado grew 15% in 2012, while sales grew 3.4% on a like-for-like basis
    • Online sales increased 70%
    • Eldorado’s internet service is available in 32 cities of the Russian Federation and the company’s has a network of 130 locations for online ordering and delivery of goods.
    • Turnover from e-commerce accounts for more than 9% of the company’s sales revenues.
    • This autumn the company is going to introduce a new format: the Internet Hypermarket.

    Eldorado, Russia’s largest household appliances and electronics retailer, is the country’s fastest-growing chain in terms of internet sales.
    “2012 as a whole was a successful and innovative year for the company: Eldorado’s retail sales grew 15% in 2012 and growth of sales on a like-for-like basis was 3.4%. Online sales grew almost 70%. At the end of 2012 we introduced a new online shop format, a new concept for the Russian market. Currently our e-commerce business has a network of 130 locations for the ordering and delivery of goods, distributed all over Russia,” said Chief Executive Igor Doležel. “Our internet service is available in 32 cities. In the near future we are going to launch yet another innovative format, the “Internet Hypermarket” to further strengthen our market position”.
    “The market is evolving and we are changing with it“, added Igor Doležel. “So far in 2013, Eldorado’s internet-channel sales show 600% growth. The average turnover of the internet channel accounted for 9% of the company’s sales revenue, and in August this parameter amounted to 12%. The daily total of online orders reached 100 million roubles on multiple occasions. Over the last three months, our online branch was the fastest-growing online business in the Russian market. These successful results reinforce our strategy of focusing on online sales and the development of an expansive regional network of locations to order and deliver goods online.
     “We decided to develop a multi-channel business, moving where the market moves and looking towards the future”, noted Igor Doležel. 

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