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CETIN a.s. operates the largest data and communications network in the Czech Republic, with a reach that spans the entire country.

In addition to its fixed infrastructure – comprising fibre-optic core networks and copper wire access networks – the company also manages a cellular network, as well as providing other services primarily aimed at mobile operators and other organisations that offer services to end users.

Fixed access network

CETIN manages more than 44 thousand kilometres of fibre-optic cables. These form the network’s backbone and in some areas they also serve as direct access points for the end users of operators who use CETIN’s services. The largest part of the fixed network is then made up of a further 20 million kilometres of paired copper wires.

This infrastructure complements other systems that enable voice and data services to be transmitted from mobile and fixed networks to interconnection hubs, where these services are transferred onto other operators’ networks, including international networks.

Cellular access network

CETIN provides cellular network signal (2G, 3G and 4G LTE) through approximately 6,200 outdoor base stations and 1,400 micro base stations (which are mainly used inside buildings). Its grid covers 99.7% of the Czech population.

International services

CETIN provides international services both to Czech operators who need to ensure that their customers can dial abroad and foreign and multinational operators. Besides call termination, The company also offers international data lines and mobile phone roaming services.

Thanks to its experienced staff and extensive infrastructure, CETIN is the safest, most reliable and most effective wholesale telecoms service provider in the Czech Republic.

CETIN was founded in June 2015. 

PPF Group’s share in the company is 100%. 

CETIN a.s.: Key Business Highlights (consolidated)

  2019 2018
Total assets (EUR millions) 2,443 2,171
Revenue (EUR millions) 747 772
EBITDA (EUR millions) 333 295
Profit (EUR millions) 110 99
Number of employees 2,117 1,890

CETIN a.s.: Management as at 8 January 2019

Board of Directors

Juraj Šedivý, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Filip Cába, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors
Michal Frankl, Member of the Board of Directors
Supervisory Board Martin Vlček, Chairman of Supervisory Board
Petr Slováček, Vice-Chairman of Supervisory Board
Lubomír Vinduška, Member of Supervisory Board


Českomoravská 2510/19
190 00 Prague 9 - Libeň
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 238 461 111

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