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Educational Projects

THE KELLNER FAMILY FOUNDATION, a family foundation of Mrs. Renáta Kellnerová and Mr. Petr Kellner, contributes to social development and helps to improve quality of life. Its major long-term educational projects are the Grammar School OPEN GATE, the UNIVERSITIES project and Helping Schools to Succeed.

The foundation seeks out and supports academically gifted children and young people who are growing up in circumstances that hinder or prevent them from accessing high-quality education. These are mainly children raised away from their families, for example, in children’s homes, foster care families or SOS children’s villages, as well as children from socially disadvantaged families such as single-parent and low-income families.

The Grammar School OPEN GATE in Babice near Prague was founded by THE KELLNER FAMILY FOUNDATION in 2005 and an elementary school was added in 2011. Since the high school first opened its gates, approximately two-thirds of OPEN GATE students received financial support from the foundation. The foundation also supports exceptionally talented young people in their further studies at universities at home and abroad through the UNIVERSITIES project.

The foundation’s project known as Helping Schools to Succeed is focused on top quality education and encourages teachers to take an individualized approach to pupils in public elementary schools in the Czech Republic. The long-running educational, material and personnel support is designed to help teachers to better identify the students’ individual needs, adapt tuition style, and so achieve the best results. The project envisages a five-year programme of support and the gradual involvement of 14 schools. The processes and tools for instruction developed and verified at these schools, will subsequently be offered to other public elementary schools.

Aside from initiating and financing these principal educational projects, the foundation also made a contribution to municipalities to mitigate the impact of floods as well as making donations to individuals and institutions in support of educational, cultural and healthcare projects.

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