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Eldorado is Russia's largest retailer of consumer electronics and household appliances.

Eldorado’s strategy focuses mainly on mass market sales. Nevertheless, the company is seeking to expand its market presence with the introduction of Internet sales, as well as a repositioning into the premium segment. It operates primarily through Eldorado branded stores.

Since 2012, the chain has been developing a new format of Internet shops for the Russian market – online ordering with pick-up points at small retail outlets, offering goods at discount online prices as well as a full set of additional services: delivery, installation and configuration of equipment as well as loan services, provided by partner banks.

The company is present in more than 450 Russian cities. The chain currently operates about 700 stores (including franchises), more than 30 Internet units and 120 order and pick-up points.

Eldorado was founded in 1994; PPF Group entered the company in 2009 by acquiring 50% + 1 share; in 2011 PPF completed a buyout of all remaining shares from Eldorado´s founder, Igor Yakovlev, and now controls 100%. Under the management of PPF Group, Eldorado has significantly increased its liquidity and profitability.

Eldorado: Financial highlights
 EUR millions 2012
PPF Group's share 100%
Total revenues excl. VAT  2,398
Gross profit 661
Gross profit margin % 27.6%


Eldorado: Management as of 14th March 2014
Management: Igor Dolezel, CEO*
  Oleg Sukovatov, Vice-President, Sales
  Anna Pozdnovskaya, Vice-President, Finance
  Sona Dolezelova, Vice-President, Vice-President, Operations, Marketing & Service
  Sona Dolezelova, Acting Vice-President, Logistics 
  Roman Ermolenko, Vice-President, Human Resources
  Alexey Serdyuchenko, Vice-President, Buying

*On March 14th, 2014 it was announced that Ondrej Frydrch would become a new CEO of the company.

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Eldorado Ltd.

Smoľnaja 14
127018 Moscow
Russian Federation

Phone: +7 (495) 787 7800

Fax: +7 (495) 787 7808